Telling stories, one at a time….

  • pain
    I think all of it is necessary. otherwise there’d be no growth at all
  • eh
    chest pains aren’t fun at all. I mustn’t dive backwards
  • memory
    to have a poor memory is to live a blissful life
  • meet them.
    If there’s a hole in your heart, go to the one who opened it. Meet them.
  • nihilism
    Smoking is borderline nihilism.
  • Apologies
    To fathom what cannot be undone is to learn from one’s shortcomings.
  • driver
    Confidence steers the wheel while fear panics in the passenger seat.
  • rest
    What is the point of rest?
  • Slumber
    Sleep is the indulgence in temporary escapism.
  • Always
    Shoot to never live an aimless life.
  • christ
    Have I lost feeling? Am I going mad?
  • avoid by all means.
    Deter yourself from becoming a slave to an idea.
  • Growth curves
    Lessons can only be reaffirmed and assessed in our youth as that is when we are the most impressionable. Oftentimes elderly ideals are stubborn in the name of change.
  • poignant love.
    Love has taught me that it’d be wrong to try an open a door I’ve lost the key to.
  • laughter
    Pain is the prelude to laughter.
  • The naivety of our youth.
    In our youth, the lack of permanence is a frightful topic. Only with age will acceptance come after experiencing significant loss of any kind.
  • a wandering mind
    A peculiar dream is a sign of a wandering mind.
  • numbness
    It sure feels odd for a numbness I cannot grasp meaning of.
  • Consistency
    Put forth the consistency and effort for the sake of opulence.
  • good company
    As far as interpersonal relationships goes, there isn’t anything better than company where everyone is growing into their greatest selves.
  • Limitless
    With much faith, following structure does more of a disservice that ultimately limits the creative form.
  • balance
    With everything in life, there needs to be a balance .
  • Pages
    Enjoy the company of many good books.
  • perfection
    Many seek perfection to only realize there’s flaws in that as well.
  • Connection
    As humans, we’re wired to desire a connection amongst others. Fundamentally speaking at least.
  • Bonds, relations, etc.
    The bonds we forge may inevitably come to an end, but our lives keep going. Try not to waver in the presence of loss.
  • time. working hard.
    I ask often myself: Am I not working hard enough or is it possible I’m simply not working smart enough?
  • Soul
    The soul often travels elsewhere. The goal is to try your best to search for it.
  • Character carving
    The past brings itself to the future and encourages all the growth it ensues.
  • Losses
    “Any losses this world is due to the lack of ability”
  • subconscious
    Don’t allow yourself to get too sidetracked within your own thoughts. Or else the subconscious mind will present itself in an unexpected form.
  • first world
    To be born in a first-world country is a privilege in itself.
  • doors
    As I watch the doors opening and closing, I begin to understand the ones that came before. Its fleeting, repetitive motion leaves me with one thought: daunting empathy.
  • celebrate
    It’s never a bad time to celebrate 🥳
  • “horrifying” world
    Sometimes it’s not the world that is scary, it’s oftentimes us who make it that way.
  • friends
    I love them.
  • collective unconscious
    Fundamentally speaking, we all share the same dream.
  • balance
    To enjoy life, there needs to be a balance of highs and especially some lows added in. It’d become bland if otherwise.
  • fate
    Going under the pretense determinism is true, every individual in this life has already met given there isn’t a past, present or future.
  • mobs
    Never partake with the mob. Be a spectator and nothing more, if you so desire to keep your sanity.
  • soft edges
    I propose that even steel has its soft edges
  • exhausted
    just been quite tired, most days it seems.
  • look elsewhere
    Acquire life’s greatest education that no institution can teach.
  • love that prevails.
    Never harbor hate. For even your enemies deserve love. Oftentimes it’s what they often lack within themselves.
  • guitar
    If I could do anything for the rest of my life, it would be to play the guitar for the moon, down to my very last strum.
  • early mornings
    Waking up early has presents itself with one underrated perk: being able to think in silence.
  • note to self
    Don’t overwork yourself. Remember to live a little.
  • butterflies
    To those who see butterflies clouding their vision, never be afraid to peek beyond and smile at the sunshine before you.
  • vulnerable
    With the common hurt on center stage, there is an invitation for honest discussion.
  • lack of insignificance
    A speck in grand scheme of things leaves a huge impression for the future.
  • 7 days
    Was 7 days enough time to build what’s in front of us? Are we standing on an unfinished product? Surely it would’ve been necessary.
  • last summer
    Last summer’s injustices still rings true. It remains to echo within my psyche.
  • music
    A fresh wound to the heart makes up with a new meaning to music.
  • immortal souls
    Even the most immortal of souls can feel a lack of permanence in their lives.
  • undermining
    We’d stop bickering if hard work was praised far more than so-called “talent”
  • internet + exclusivity
    Moments that have been broadcasted seem to lose their inherent value. Our most intimate times are framed for social likability, forever captured for outsiders to see.
  • wealth & abundance
    To acquire the most opulence from inner peace is the goal. I’d be more than content.
  • world wide web
    Users on the internet have essentially developed a parasocial relationship with infinite lines of code.
  • brief fun
    The forgetfulness that ensues amidst fun is a curse in itself. The emotional toll it takes is immensely difficult to pull out of.
  • Saddening
    In trying to recall a distant memory, I often bring myself to tears. What kind of masochism have I indulged in.
  • best convos
    The best conversations is when the sun takes its leave for the moon, all while unnoticed. Spoken words fasten on time itself.
  • chapters
    The book of our lives begins at conception. Its content is filled with the treads we take. The lessons that have yet to be written is the tale we that can be shared for other’s consumption.
  • comparison
    Is there such thing as healthy comparison?
  • books
    At times I question whether or not I’ve genuinely fallen in love with books or merely the idea of them. Certainly those pages grant me my daily doses of escapism but who’s to say? I place a lot of emphasis on the latter.
  • good times
    In hindsight, we never really notice we’re presently living in “the good old days” until it becomes the good old days.
  • for artists
    I’m hoping the innate-artist appreciates their craft without worry. Hopefully, in essence will the result flow out into the world, creating a beautiful landscape that reaches far into the distance. Farther than any eye can see!
  • albeit flawed, human nature
    With close inspection, humans comes second to demons. There’s lying, greed, deceit, betrayal and to the worst degree, even murder among various selfish conquests. However, the more frightening aspect behind all heinous acts is choice. The latter is where the truth of it all resides.
  • angles
    peering in from the outside, I’d seen myself in a claustrophobic state.
  • sudden tears
    all I could remember was that I couldn’t stop crying.
  • valuable trait
    The most valuable trait within an individual is depth.
  • Yearn
    Most days I yearn to meet the hours of rest. Having spent the sun’s shift bent on making every second count.
  • nights.
    The moon has placed far too much emphasis on my mortality these past few nights. Whether it’s premonition or irrational superstition is certainly the question.
  • transparent.
    If only we could see through the teeth of smiles, perhaps we’d be more open to helping one another.
  • mirrors
    Such reflective surfaces invite room for introspection.
  • future
    note to self: never be afraid to plant the seed you won’t be able to eat from.
  • bones
    The aches in my bones continue to grow louder with every tick of the clock. What once was a silence is now a daily reminder of a permanence that can never be attained. Somehow there’s beauty in that. If you so decide to look deeper.
  • beamer
    With a view of a brightly lit city below and the stars above, there’s an inevitable incoming wave of insightful thinking. Of the future and what it could be.
  • worrisome
    The weight of worry etches itself into the furrows above my eyes. One aimed glance could tell a million stories.
  • The color of lilac
    Despite the stretch of time, I hadn’t forgotten. How could I? I’m hoping that the gifts of today are brought before you in joyful celebration. Receiving them from loved ones to those who encompass your sun and dance in your orbit. I send my wishes to you from the outskirts. Hope you’re having a good … Continue reading The color of lilac
  • inability
    What lies closest to the lack of freedom is sometimes inability.
  • void
    Those high ceilings will only create a bigger void to that is need to be filled. Keep it modest.
  • rain
    The smell of wet grass flairs my nostrils, but I still have yet to grow tired of the air it encompasses. I don’t think anyone does
  • realm
    reality detaches itself in the presence of angst.
  • Mascara
    She found that her mascara had now been worn down on her rosy cheeks. It’s true that she’d still been in love with the past. The glimmer of what was still anchors her from moving towards a future that is brighter.
  • dear old friend(s)
    To whom it may concern, We don’t quite talk anymore and that’s okay. For the whatever the reason, I appreciate you all regardless. Thank you for the laughs we shared. Thanks for the tears we shed. Thank you for being your absolute selves. I couldn’t have asked for better companions to accompany with on this … Continue reading dear old friend(s)
  • detached (dream)
    dreamt about snow and random occurrences that were happening. some of which I haven’t even thought of for 2 years now. people who I hadn’t spoken to for awhile
  • wondering
    the cells in the body replace themselves every 7 years. do the memories and everything that made them go too?
  • odd tears
    I randomly started to cry. I wonder what all that was about. perhaps stricken by some memory I can’t recall.
  • Its just a skull
    Limited to the spaces we can roam, trapped by innate flesh and a mind that can betray. Horrific
  • dinner (dream)
    It’s night. The table, wrapped in cloth. The coldness of the beverage sweats off the glass and into knitted fabric. Splotches of water can been seen sporadically on the table. The clanging and cheers of the nearby people fill the air in celebratory fashion. It seemed to be a joyous night for many. Across, a … Continue reading dinner (dream)
  • Songs attached to memory.
    It’s crazy how listening to a song from a beloved time could pull on so many heartstrings. It’s as if you’re reliving the moment once more.
  • adulting
    We’re all just much older kids.
  • The Magus – completed/book recommendation
    What an interesting novel. I highly recommend it to anyone in life questioning their own inner dilemma regarding morality and the relationships they have with others. Certainly a gift for those in their 20’s. It contains a number of silver linings that would most definitely benefit long term (and prevent any inevitable regrets). Fowles’ story … Continue reading The Magus – completed/book recommendation
  • 🙂
    It truly did resemble something of what seemed to be a kind smile.
  • el dorado
    Bliss with a little bit of chaos amidst love. Caressed with sunburnt ignorance under the guise of romance. Left with wounds that fail to close.
  • Find your warmth
    Try and find that warmth amidst the blizzard. Keep it close for as long as you’re able. It’ll make the journey through the storm worthwhile.
  • 05/29
    Books. Frozen yogurt. Quite random at best, but it was time well-spent. The complete awe I was in, knowing that all of that was result of a spontaneous decision on my part. Probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life thus far. Very thankful for the experience.
  • your song
    Your song, which I can only imagine would sound like an open flowerbed in the dusk of summer. The kind you’d often find yourself frolicking in where the air is clean and the petals stretch multiple miles, far outside the reach of vision. Your song sounds what a tropical forest smells and some odd way … Continue reading your song
  • rain
    It’s currently raining outside. I think most notice the smell. It’s pretty hard to forget. Smells a lot like metal and aged rust. Perhaps it isn’t the rain and more so the odor of wet mud and grass. After all it’s been recycle for millions of years and put back into the earth it rose … Continue reading rain
  • present
    Cherish the now. What’s going on today will soon pass; fragments will cement itself as memory and time will persist. As all things usual do.


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