At times I question whether or not I’ve genuinely fallen in love with books or merely the idea of them. Certainly those pages grant me my daily doses of escapism but who’s to say? I place a lot of emphasis on the latter.


The aches in my bones continue to grow louder with every tick of the clock. What once was a silence is now a daily reminder of a permanence that can never be attained. Somehow there’s beauty in that. If you so decide to look deeper.

The color of lilac

Despite the stretch of time, I hadn’t forgotten. How could I? I’m hoping that the gifts of today are brought before you in joyful celebration. Receiving them from loved ones to those who encompass your sun and dance in your orbit. I send my wishes to you from the outskirts. Hope you’re having a good one. Godspeed.

dear old friend(s)

To whom it may concern,

We don’t quite talk anymore and that’s okay. For the whatever the reason, I appreciate you all regardless. Thank you for the laughs we shared. Thanks for the tears we shed. Thank you for being your absolute selves. I couldn’t have asked for better companions to accompany with on this journey called life. Despite the distance that now stands between us, I’ll hold you all close in memory. Always.

To wherever you are in the world, hope you are all well.

dinner (dream)

It’s night.

The table, wrapped in cloth. The coldness of the beverage sweats off the glass and into knitted fabric. Splotches of water can been seen sporadically on the table.

The clanging and cheers of the nearby people fill the air in celebratory fashion. It seemed to be a joyous night for many.

Across, a woman sits before me. Wearing a striking auburn dress, her collarbones naked and her shoulders exposed. The light from the chandelier above glistens off of them.

She wore an evident smile and her laugh stood out among the crowd. We’d exchanged banter that had encompassed the moon. All while our feet affectionately pecked each other throughout the night.

What a dream.