Greeted upon a trail into the woods.
I was welcomed by the waving trees 
That blew the brewing breeze
While the dirt beneath my feet
rested on the dancing leaves.
All crunching that followed 
curled ‘round my soles.
The air remains tight,
My throat stays swallowed. 
Stiff as my reddened nose
Numb to the touch, I suppose.
Amidst the lush of light
The sun’s rays begun to retreat
Into the mountain’s crest delight.
The sky’s blues casts a dim gradient.
What a gift!
So I too, shall appreciate earth’s sentiment.


the wise old woman rocks in her chair
minding her own and blissful
wispy greys woven through her hair

wisdom on her speckled face
wrinkled, etched by time
sown but deeply set with grace

Nothing short of utter essence,
an aged wistful aura
matured from youth’s expense

We learn a thing or two from her lessons.
allow her to imbue every murmur 
life’s greatest ballads in past tense


Into the world we are stripped,
Nipped from our mother’s wombs
Whose stitched and coddled

Cold, silicon hands introduced us
to a warmth of love, who forever 
carried our dreams

Our innocence echoed through halls
like the cries of alarms 
of a new day that basked us

Hushed and shushed
by the reassurance of who
came before 

Once more wrapped
within the flesh 
We grew to cherish


The sun checks out
	the moon clocks in
illuminating the night

By which snow fall, crunches
Flakes cradle on my boots
etching branding prints

Old leaves scattered 
	season’s draft leftovers,
From a previous solstice 

Fabric of festive knit
draw close to fleshed skin
woven for needed warmth
Puffs in wrapped palms
	Heat air in my hands
Cling to what is there