What kind of privilege is it to walk on stolen soil

Afterall, the so-called “Land of The Free ” came at the expense of another’s freedom, always. Stripped and wrongfully taken from under the feet of indigenous tribes. The land they once danced and celebrated on, became iron-drenched in the name of conquest. Bloodshed from those who sought nothing else than to fulfill their damned selfish quest for profit by any means they deemed necessary. A peaceful, harmonious day disrupted by the arrival of ships which had plans to fill their land with anguish. The strangers who came unannounced must’ve been welcomed only to then become an agent of evil for generations to come. Natives became nothing more than a victim; a pawn to the sports of foriegn affair. A legacy that forever bears the darkest truths to the notorious United States of America. Must it be disheartening to be reminded annually that a day of massacre is celebrated by millions. 

Are people just supposed to forget? 

There’s 400+ years of data that tell the horrific events that had taken place behind discriminatory acts. Documented, by the way. Given the poor treatment and total disregard of another human life, it’s not too farfetched to assume that there’s details lost in history that can give an even gruesome visual. Those were human beings, who at face-value, were no different from the people who captured them. Anchored by fear; chained by disgusting figures of “sovereignty”. Forced labor under the scorching, sun-bathed fields with no reward than to see the next day for the same ol’ work. No amount of pleading would grant liberty. Only at night did the stars listen. And they listened to the spectacle that was gospel. Alongside, were the requests for some guidance amidst hardship. What did the voyagers make of the slaves who sang gospel to the stars? Did they ever stop to think that the “cattle” they brought aboard had souls no different from their own? The echoes of whips from crackling skin continue to trickle through time and into present day. A grim reminder for the States to what had gone on for too long.  

What does it mean to be civil?

The progress attained has predominantly been made as a result of human disagreement with the aid of warfare. Quite barbaric. It seems it will remain to be a prevalent conversation and a probable means to an end. Such social divide holds the strongest grip on the influence of governmental action that is held up so dearly. Flipping through the pages, there’s nothing else that shouts louder than the obvious truth of soldiers being put into conflict for the sole purpose of sacrifice. Chapters of photographed troops only tell one story: whether who was “right” or “wrong” wasn’t a discussion settled with words, but rather with the emptying of magazines. War will take its shape, one way or another. No thing such as a healthy disagreement will take place. No trench will be bigger than the gap that separates people from another. 

What does it mean to be equal

The gripes stirred between people will keep a perpetual cycle in motion. To be considered inferior or even viewed “less than” is an experience for the forthcoming generations to hear about. The runoff of old traditions and beliefs fall into youthful ears to keep the divide strong and setting the world back, essentially from change. It remains to be difficult for the affected to outlive their predecessors. Grandparents and those before them have already woven tales visibly shown through their wrinkles on their face. Etched into their skin as a consequence for their unintentional existence. Whether man or woman, black, white, there’s no exemption. Subcultures of prejudice remnants plague any chance of a proper, correct union. Things will only get worse before they get better in the end. 

What is the American Dream?

What’s more is the country’s top-leading con artists selling an illusory promise of prosperity to all occupants within. A flashing sign projecting an idea that can only be seen visible to those who choose to wear rose-tinted glasses. To acquire “The American Dream” is to submit to the nation’s ethos, its mission statement. Highlighted, even in its titular significance which truly is merely a dream. To broadcast the idea that happiness tied to the growing weight of one’s pocket is a crime in itself. There’s only a number of times people are allowed to fail. Some are given less than others. The catch is there’s no money-back-guarantee with a deal like that either. 

What grand ways to convey such Star-Spangled pride.

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