Books. Frozen yogurt.

Quite random at best, but it was time well-spent. The complete awe I was in, knowing that all of that was result of a spontaneous decision on my part. Probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life thus far. Very thankful for the experience.

your song

Your song, which I can only imagine would sound like an open flowerbed in the dusk of summer. The kind you’d often find yourself frolicking in where the air is clean and the petals stretch multiple miles, far outside the reach of vision.

Your song sounds what a tropical forest smells and some odd way taste like, with all its fruit and rainwater bliss. The kind that is rich and flavorful. Wildlife and all.

Your song, to me, is what I’d often catch myself playing on repeat to the end of all my days; a wonderful tune.

Getting it.

I’m a strong believer that we, as people, won’t really get it. From the time we can conceive our own thoughts to the last puffs of the air we breathe. No matter how established we consider ourselves, there’s always hints of ignorances within us. Life is given to us without much of a blueprint to see what works and doesn’t. We can try, but for only so long. Ya know?


I’d bargain that there’s such thing as emotional travels. When you’ve gone far out, there’s no way in finding your way back to place you once were. Metaphorically-speaking of course.


There’s something beautiful about the way two wandering souls can meet halfway. Affecting one another by mere presence. It’s difficult to go through life without impacting your neighbor. The lessons we take up shape us into who we are meant to me. Or so I like to think…