dinner (dream)

It’s night.

The table, wrapped in cloth. The coldness of the beverage sweats off the glass and into knitted fabric. Splotches of water can been seen sporadically on the table.

The clanging and cheers of the nearby people fill the air in celebratory fashion. It seemed to be a joyous night for many.

Across, a woman sits before me. Wearing a striking auburn dress, her collarbones naked and her shoulders exposed. The light from the chandelier above glistens off of them.

She wore an evident smile and her laugh stood out among the crowd. We’d exchanged banter that had encompassed the moon. All while our feet affectionately pecked each other throughout the night.

What a dream.


It’s currently raining outside. I think most notice the smell. It’s pretty hard to forget. Smells a lot like metal and aged rust. Perhaps it isn’t the rain and more so the odor of wet mud and grass. After all it’s been recycle for millions of years and put back into the earth it rose from.

Beach (dream)

I remember there being tropical trees. It was night and the breeze of the night brushed onto me. Sand beneath my feet and the water swishing at just the right volume. Not too violent, not too soft. There’d been two clams off into the distance that I can only presume washed up on shore. It’s pearlescent surface glistened the moon off it’s shell. The other had been rotted, lifeless and been robbed of its pearl. Shortly after, the water carried it back into the sea. Not too long after, I woke up.

I wonder what it meant.

Getting it.

I’m a strong believer that we, as people, won’t really get it. From the time we can conceive our own thoughts to the last puffs of the air we breathe. No matter how established we consider ourselves, there’s always hints of ignorances within us. Life is given to us without much of a blueprint to see what works and doesn’t. We can try, but for only so long. Ya know?


After long days, I’m left with the sounds of the night. For every cricket that crickets. The cars that speed by playing their music. And the beat of my heart that lays within me. I feel it all.


For the past of couple of days, the same scene runs through my mind. It’s always snowing, I presume it’s December and I’m running towards something. Not quite sure what it is. But I hear wind chimes in the distance. Urban city covered by the season. The significance this holds could mean anything. My heart paces back and forth by the thought of it.


I hear the sound of ambient noises. Outside cars whipping by and the occasional plane that flies overhead. The sun had taken its leave and the moon accompanies me in the night, proving to be good company. Delightful.