The color of lilac

Despite the stretch of time, I hadn’t forgotten. How could I? I’m hoping that the gifts of today are brought before you in joyful celebration. Receiving them from loved ones to those who encompass your sun and dance in your orbit. I send my wishes to you from the outskirts. Hope you’re having a good one. Godspeed.

Getting it.

I’m a strong believer that we, as people, won’t really get it. From the time we can conceive our own thoughts to the last puffs of the air we breathe. No matter how established we consider ourselves, there’s always hints of ignorances within us. Life is given to us without much of a blueprint to see what works and doesn’t. We can try, but for only so long. Ya know?


I’d bargain that there’s such thing as emotional travels. When you’ve gone far out, there’s no way in finding your way back to place you once were. Metaphorically-speaking of course.